[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In recent years, the trend of antique retro is on the ground, whether it is clothing or home decoration, it reveals a strong retro style. The wardrobe retro is also very popular, solid wood, carved, accessories and other small elements can be seen, Sophia C8 box white rose waist line spell Nice blinds wardrobe and Wrigley Shuimu Tsinghua wardrobe, it gives a strong humanistic home feelings.

[Sofia C8 box white rose waist line spell Nice blinds wardrobe]

Sophia wardrobe

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Sophia wardrobe is simple and elegant, elegant and practical. Warm and natural colors, simple straight lines. The elements of the louver door and the flower waist line meet the needs of the Southeast Asian seaside style. Customizable size and placement problems are solved. With the well-designed storage space of Sophia, it is practical.

Wrigley Wardrobe Shuimu Tsinghua

The material is made of wood-based panel, which conforms to international environmental protection standards. It adopts C8 frame, which is suitable for different material panels and different cabinet door switch characteristics. It is equipped with pants stacking rack, small hook, hanging clothes rail and other equipment, high-end powerful storage space to meet shopping. Crazy demand. The natural color of the wood color is filled with the whole room. The light and shadow of the water in the Southeast Asia seems to be close at hand.

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