Smooth and fair skin is what every girl wants, but there are some rough hairs that are rough and messy. How do we deal with hair removal in the face of the mane legs? Today, Xiaobian will introduce you to 7 hair removal methods. Let's have a look!

7 kinds of hair removal methods Which suits you

First, hair removal cream hair removal method:

How to use: Hair removal cream is a good method for temporary hair removal. You can squeeze some of the parts you need. After a while, scrape the hard objects such as bamboo and scrape them in the opposite direction, and the body hair will fall off. Hair removal cream is easy and painless to remove hair, but it does not pull up the hair like waxing wax, so the effect of hair removal can only last for about a week. And some people have an allergic reaction to hair removal cream, so it is safe to do a partial test beforehand.

Second, the clip hair removal method:

How to use: Use the clip hair removal method. The capillary pores after the clip is pulled out are not very obvious. The hair that grows will be softer and softer. It is most suitable for people with less hair and no fear of pain. But keep the pores clean. If the skin is less resistant, use some antibiotics to avoid redness or infection after depilation.

Third, the razor hair removal method:

How to use: Shaving is the most economical and convenient method of hair removal. The razor is not only fast and painless, it can be done at any time, and the razor can be reused. A new generation of razors can scrape the body hair along the surface of the body, reducing the proportion of residual residue after hair removal, but to develop the habit of shaving every day, otherwise it will be unsightly to grow a layer of black moustache.

7 kinds of hair removal methods Which suits you

Fourth, hair removal wax hair removal method:

Usage: The hair removal method of depilatory wax is better, it is more trouble-free, but it has pain. Depilation with hair removal wax must be removed in one go, the effect is complete.

Five, patch hair removal method

How to use: When using the patch to remove hair, cut the appropriate size patch according to the area of ​​the hair removal area, attach it to the skin that needs to be depilated, compact it for a while, and then tear it off quickly. Hair removal with a patch should generally be carried out in a beauty salon.

Sixth, photon hair removal method

Method of use: Non-invasive therapy using the principle of selective photothermolysis, no surgery, no trauma. The skin is irradiated by a specific instrument that emits a pulsed light source, and the melanocytes in the hair follicle absorb light in a specific wavelength band, thereby heating the hair follicle and causing it to be destroyed.

Seven, laser hair removal method:

How to use: The laser hair removal method actually uses the appropriate irradiation to let the laser penetrate into the hair follicle, burn the hair to the roots, and then destroy the hair follicle. >>> Hair removal tips, sexy skin is exposed

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