[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The possession of the cloakroom is not only a kind of decoration and storage. It is a symbol of high-quality people. It is not easy to create a cloakroom with layers and fashion. If it is not enough, it can be integrated into a large number of mirrors. If you are too crowded, try open style. If you want to be more fashionable, you can design it as a partition. If you want to create a more beautiful cloakroom, it is your idea.

Separate cloakroom design

[Separate cloakroom]

The large cloakroom also includes a separate dressing room, which is very user-friendly; although there is no large wardrobe to display a large number of clothes, the open design just makes the whole look very free; at the same time in the locker room The surface decoration has added a lot of mirrors, which greatly increases the three-dimensional feeling of the entire cloakroom.

[open cloakroom]

Three-dimensional cloakroom

The bedroom and cloakroom have a one-piece design, which is more integrated; the open cloakroom is not decorated and embellished, and the simplicity reveals an atmosphere, full of clothing and shoes, all reflect the owner. An extraordinary taste of life.

[Interrupted cloakroom]

Bedroom cloakroom design

This cloakroom has a design that is connected to the bedroom. The large walls are not decorated with too many decorations. Instead, a large mirror is used instead, which greatly increases the space of the entire bedroom. The cloakroom The design also uses a simple frame structure to create an atmosphere of urban fashion.

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